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In addition to the Lac Brulé property, SRQ also has 100% ownership of the following Quebec-based properties:

Lac Brennan


SRQ’s wholly owned Lac Brennan property is a virgin exploration project located approximately 100 km north-northwest of Mont-Laurier, Québec. SRQ is currently carrying out field work on the property, which offers good potential to host copper-nickel-cobalt mineralisation across its 42 contiguous claims which cover a total area of 2,480 hectares.

Access to the Lac Brennan property is gained by driving north from Mont-Laurier along Highway 117 to the Lac Arthur exit, then driving west for approximately 45 km to the site of the past producing Renzy mine. There is no direct access to the claim blocks comprising the Lac Brennan property.

The local geology of the Lac Brennan property reflects the diverse range of rock types of the Renzy terrane. The bedrock consists mainly of paragneiss, granitic gneiss, and charnockite, with laminas of metamorphosed ultramafic rocks. These ultramafic rocks include garnet amphibolites, dunites, pyroxenites, and lherzolites. The ultramafic rocks are associated with copper and nickel mineralisation, along with accessory minerals such as Co, Au, Ag, Pd, and Pt found at the old Renzy Mine. Although the rocks described below summarize the local geology of the Renzy Mine area, they are a good indication of the geology targeted by exploration on the Lac Brennan property.

The ultramafic rocks are interpreted as a series of layered sills, potentially part of a ring-shaped ultramafic complex. The Ni-Cu occurrences are found within these ultramafic sills, which vary in width from 10 to 300 meters and can extend up to 3 kilometers in length. The Lac Renzy intrusion is concordant with the foliation of the surrounding gneiss, suggesting emplacement at shallow depths under low-pressure conditions.

Scientific and technical information on this page have been reviewed and approved by Dr. Marc-Antoine Audet, the Qualified Person for SRQ.

Lac Jim


SRQ’s Lac Jim property is a virgin exploration property comprising 21 mining claims covering approximately 1,178 hectares.

Lac Picanoc


SRQ’s Lac Picanoc property is a virgin exploration property consisting of 11 mining claims covering approximately 658 hectares.



SRQ’s Northfield property encompasses 31 mining claims over approximately 1,843 hectares.

The Lac Picanoc, Lac Jim and Northfield properties are all accessed from Gatineau, Québec along highways 105 and 301, followed by short distances along rural roads.

Lac Montmord


SRQ’s Lac Montmord property is a single contiguous block totalling 19 claims that covers an area of approximately 1,025 hectares. It is located 160 km north of Chibougamau, Québec.

The Lac Montmord property is only accessible on an aircraft on floats.